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Valentine's Day Art
a valentines day art and gift for my girlfriend Jonetta "saffire" manley so yeah happy early valentines day everyone hope you like the art I made
Which Side Do You Choose Danganronpa War For Earth
danganronpa the war for earth is a RPG/AU based community on GOOGLE+  where you choose a side you choose HOPE DESPAIR or NEUTRAL and try to  wither use your special power aka your talent to either work peacefully defend the world or take over the world the poster here shows the side thing so what side are you on join the battle on January 1st 2017 on google+ and decide your fate  
Today is my birthday and I would like everyone to draw an artwork with a bunch of characters or a TG TF or Both a TG TF story about me and I will love them all here is a picture of me to help you I am also 24 right now
#myself #thoughts
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embedded_item1478557261446 by silverfangX4
Greetings well I'm holding a contest where you have to make a TG TF COMIC of anything like games furry or bimbo or animals anything and the comic I choose I will make into a TG TF  STORIES so the contest ends  at the end of July so have fun
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Tenshi Sohma
United States
I'm a 22 year old male fan character artist with a passion for fanfiction art anime manga nostalgia and pop culture and novels and voice acting I'm also a reviewer writer and total fan boy I also love sonic megaman tmnt marvel DC yugioh pokemon digimon stephen Spielberg power rangers code lyoko and everything else except Justin bebier Miley Cyrus and the Dixie chick's I also have a nack for gaming mostly rpg anime and nostalgic I'm also a theorist but i love art when it's made by you and not pics from sfm or gmod I don't consider that art I just consider that lazy well that's me in a nut she'll


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